Visa Startup Program approved by Portugal Ministry of Economy

The Visa Startup Program has been approved by Portugal Ministry of Economy. It is one of the measures that will be executed by the Government of Portugal via the Startup Portugal Program. This is aimed at enhancing the private enterprises in Portugal

India must simplify Tourist visa procedure, suggests Russia

Tourist visa procedure must be simplified by India through an intergovernmental pact, said Vladimir Medinsky the Culture Minister of Russia. He was addressing the reporters in India. Simplification of the visa regime will enable an increase in the flow of tourists, added the Minister

Obtaining Canada PR as a self-employed person or as an owner of small business

Obtaining Canada PR as a self-employed person or as an owner of a small business is a different pathway altogether. The prospective immigrants in this category must first understand the immigration consequences. This will enable them to appropriately time and structure their firms and assist them in obtaining Canada PR.

The details of Canadian provinces for immigrants to make an immigration choice

Making a choice of a province from the several Canadian provinces is very important for executing your aim of obtaining the Permanent Residence. Below is a brief overview of the Canadian provinces:


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