Internship program in France

France is a beautiful country that is rich with culture, mouth-watering cuisine and booming industries. This amazing European country houses a number of great companies that are looking for fresh blood and creativity thus offers some great and amazing internship opportunities for all youngsters out there. In France you will not only grain precious professional training but you will also be able to greatly develop your communication and personal skills.

We at, Aspire World Immigration Services understand how beneficial an internship program in France can be for your future therefore we use our close connections with companies to get you the best internship opportunity in France.


Many may question your decision to attend an internship program in France but they do not have the professional training of predicting the amount of benefit you will receive with this program. By entering into this program you not only open the gate towards a whole new world, but you also get a chance to spread your wings and test your freedom. Such opportunities are rare and must be treasured as they will help you immensely in the future.


  • To apply for internship program, the candidate must have previous work experience or past coursework in internship field.
  • The candidate must be of 18 years or more and currently enrolled in an accredited college/university in France.
  • The candidate has to show the support and recommendation of his/her learning institution.
  • The candidate should have intermediate level of English (minimum IELTS 6.0 or equivalent). Knowledge of French will be very helpful.
  • The candidate must be open to foreign cultures and living abroad. He/she must be dedicated to the full term of commitment.
  • Every candidate need to pass the interview process and complete all application requirements.
  • The candidate is required to have a valid visa.

Program Details:


Being prepared is the best way to go, therefore we prepare for the program by mailing you pre-departure orientation. This orientation will contain necessary information like what to bring to France, what to expect etc. In case of doubts you can email or call us.

Placement Process:

We have a simple placement process where you fill the needed form, submit it and we will start scouting for the best internship opportunities in France for your particular field and take care of the rest. We keep a close working relationship with a number of companies all over the world including France. However, we suggest that you educate yourself and scout for companies offering internship opportunities in France. Whatever your decision might be, we advise you to keep us in the loop about your progress.

Host Companies:

Much prominent as well as small family owned companies in France offer great internship programs. These companies are of varying fields, the most prominent industries in France are fashion, culinary and tourism. We have connections with companies all over France, so if you have a specific area of France where you want to intern then we suggest that you do your own research.

Visa & other documents:

Important documents such as Visa etc. are crucial for travel abroad and Aspire World Immigration Services will arrange all these for you. All you have to do is provide us with the papers needed to acquire these important documents.

Fields and internship positions:

In France there are companies from various fields like IT, tourism, engineering, culinary, hospitality, fashion etc. offer great internship opportunities. Your position in the company will wholly depend on the companys needs and what it requires from you, so we advise that you keep an open mind and flexible attitude.

Start date and duration of internship:

The internship generally begin at the starting of the month, however there are possibilities that the starting date might be pushed back. Nevertheless we advise all the candidates to apply 5 months before the program begins. The duration of the internship can be 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the company.


Matters such as travel, housing, food etc. must be handled by you as we do not take responsibility for them. Though we advise the candidate to schedule his/her activities on non-working days or holidays otherwise it might hinder their internship program and cause issues.


The process of entering an internship program in France is quite simple. All you have to do is fill the needed form, submit it and we will take care of the rest. For more information you can email to us or call us.


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